Meson Network Mining Using Android Phone ($MSNTT Airdrop)

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Meson, bandwidth marketplace, is the bottom-up paradigm in building the network infrastructure for Web3.

Meson Network is committed to creating an efficient bandwidth marketplace on Web3, using a blockchain protocol model to replace the traditional labor-based sales models, consolidating and monetizing idle bandwidth from long-tail users at a low cost. Meson Network is the foundation of data transmission for decentralized storage, computation, and the emerging Web3 Dapp ecosystem.

First, you need to rent a Free Virtual Private Server where you can mine $MSNTT tokens 24/7. We will use Cloud Digital Ocean because they will give you $200 free credits for first 60days.

Create an account here:

You can link any debit card, credit card, virtual card or even Paypal . Just make sure you have atleast small balance just to verify the ownership of the card.

After you create an account, proceed on making a droplets, Just copy the reuirement above
Choose this plan $56/month so you can run the mining for almost 2mos with 2 droplets
You will need only this IP address from the VPS account you created. And the password of the droplets you made.

Now Create an account on Meson using this link:

For getting a token go here:
Install this android app

Now open the Termius application. You will see the (+) sign click it

Then click New Host

  • On Alias, just put any name you want. You can put Meson Network
  • The hostname or IP address is the IP address of you VPS server
  • You can leave the Group and Tags empty
  • Put username as “root” and your password of VPS droplets
  • The other spaces leave it empty, then click the check mark on the upper right of the Termius app.
  • Then you will enter the black text-based screen , which is called terminal.
  • Use our quick install script to install:

wget -q -O && chmod +x && sudo /bin/bash

Select the needed option (e.g. option 1 — simple node installation (enter the number 1, press Enter)), enter your token, port and allocated space, wait for the installation to complete.

If the installation is successful, your node should appear in your cabinet in your Meson dashboard account (where your token is):

Good luck!

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